Happy weekend all!

This weekend, the lovely @Bubakes has asked if she can host a week, and we are very happy for her to do so for this brilliant cause. There is also a prize for the winner!

This weekend’s theme is Grey Bakes, in order to raise awareness for the mental health charity MIND, and Help for Heroes, and to raise awareness of our own mental health. Many of us have been affected by this matter, and it is very close to our little hearts.

As @Bubakes puts it – Be it cakes, frosting, meringues, macarons, cookies or any other treats, we want to see your grey Depressed Cake inspired bakes.  Bonus points will be given to those who can also incorporate a pop of colour!   Please submit your bakes to @SBCTakeover @BuBakesCakes using #BakeADifference.  The winner of the week will receive on of my limited edition Bake A Difference with BuBakes tea towels!

@Bubakes will be running the Baking Club through our takeover website – @SBCTakeover , so please join us!

Please see the below from Bubakes, and we look forward to seeing you all! For those in Essex, do pop along to the County Cricket Ground on the 7th as well.

Laura and Dominique xxx

The Depressed Cake Shop comes to Essex this August!

Local cake business BuBakes is hosting an event on Sunday, August 7th to raise money for Mind and Help the Heroes, and to raise awareness of mental health issues

On Sunday, August 7th, the County Cricket Ground in Chelmsford will play host to The Depressed Cake Shop, organised by me (AKA BuBakes!) to raise money for Mind and Help the Heroes.

As many of you will know I suffered a breakdown in 2014 and was subsequently diagnosed with anxiety and depression, I then left my job to found cake business BuBakes: for me, The Depressed Cake Shop is a perfect fit.  

Baking and cake decorating help to ease my anxiety symptoms, I’m so pleased to have found a job that allows me to continue to work as well as helping me to feel better.

I’m excited about hosting The Depressed Cake Shop here in Chelmsford – I’m hoping that it will give those concerned about mental health a safe haven to talk openly and for the public to find out more about mental health issues, all while enjoying some delicious cakes and knowing that the proceeds are going to a good cause.

One in four people will be affected by a mental health issue at some point during their lifetime – either by being diagnosed themselves or by having a loved one diagnosed with a mental health issue.

Initially founded by Emma Thomas in 2013, the Depressed Cake Shop revolves around the simple act of baking and selling baked goods to raise both awareness and funds: the one stipulation is that these tasty treats must be grey (but can have a splash of colour to represent hope).  Although Emma is no longer involved, the reigns have been taken up by a group known as the “Depressed Cake Shop co-conspirators” who continue to spread the word.  


I am delighted to be named as the newest co-conspirator, and my Depressed Cake Shop event will take place…from 11am to 5pm on Sunday, August 7th, at the County Cricket Ground in Chelmsford. The trademark Depressed Cake Shop grey bakes will take centre stage, and there will be a number of activities – including a raffle, face painting and more – taking place on the day. All proceeds from the event will be split between mental health charity Mind, and UK military charity Help for Heroes.

To compliment my Depressed Cake Shop pop up, the lovely Sunday Baking Club have given me permission to take over for a week.  So for the weekend d. 6/7th August the theme will be grey bakes.  Be it cakes, frosting, meringues, macarons, cookies or any other treats, I want to see your grey Depressed Cake inspired bakes.  Bonus points will be given to those who can also incorporate a pop of colour!   Please submit your bakes to @SBCTakeover @BuBakesCakes using #BakeADifference.  The winner of the week will receive one of my limited edition Bake A Difference with BuBakes tea towels!  


 (The tea towels are available to order via bubakescakes@gmail.com and cost £10 + £1.99 P&P, will all profits being shared between Mind and Help for Heroes.)


A tiny bit about Bu

I publish regular blog posts on the BuBakes website: posts that cover both cakes and mental health. Since founding BuBakes, I’ve been honoured in both fields: depression suffered Stephen Fry endorsed one mental health blog post, Michel Roux Jr favourably critiqued a BuBakes cake on Great British Bake Off – Extra Slice, I also recently reached the final of the 2016 North Essex Business Awards. 








Zig a zig… Aaah! Girl Power week!

Good morning bakers,

This month marks 20 years since the release of Wannabe (don’t ask us, we don’t know how that’s happened either). To celebrate this, we are having a Girl Power week!

We want to see you bake anything from your favourite female baker – Nigella, Delia, Ruby, Mary… the choice is yours.

So pop those tunes on, put Spice World on in the background, and bonus points to anyone dressing up as a Spice Girl for the photo!

Sing with us… If you wannabe my lover…

Laura and Dominique xx

Wimbledon Week!

Hello all,

It’s Wimbledon – also known in SBC HQ as our 2 week “all you can eat strawberries and cream” binge fest.

This week, we want to see as many Wimbledon themed bakes as possible. Whether it’s with Pimms, strawberries and cream, champagne, the list goes on…

Have fun, and we look forward to seeing your fab bakes this weekend!

Laura and Dominique xxx

(Come on Tim!)

Awesome Apples!

Hello Bakers!

This week is flying by for all of us  (not going to lie, we’ve only just realised it is infact Wednesday, not Tuesday…), and we all have had lots of moving and shaking going on! While we are poring over last week’s bakes, we’re very pleased to introduce this week’s theme.

We are thinking we need something relaxing, cosy and wintery to stuff our faces in this weekend, and what better ingredient is there that hits the spot than… Apples!

Your challenge this week is just to bake something Apple-y. Be it crumble, cake, pie, saucy (ooh err), just think apples!

Looking forward to your fab bakes as ever!

Dom, Claire, Jo, Laura xxx

Get your wooden spoons out…

…its Stir Up Sunday!

This Sunday is the day that we want you to dust off the Christmas jumper, pop on the Christmas tunes and soak vast amounts of dried fruit in delicious alcohol! (we will try to get more on the fruit than in our glasses, but you know what we’re like 😉) 

So whether you’re sticking with tradition and preparing your Christmas cakes and puds, or if you just fancy baking with some fruit and nuts, join us this Sunday for delicious spicy aromas wafting around the twittersphere to the sound of jingle bells!

Only 37 sleeps to go 🎅
Claire, Jo, Dominique and Laura xxx

Spotty Bakes Week

Evening bakers!

Hopefully you’ve voted for your latest Golden Spoon winner and you’re eagerly awaiting your next challenge… We know it’s the highlight of your week. 

In homage to Pudsey’s eye patch and Children In Need this weekend, we’re going dotty with our theme. Bake whatever your heart desires, as long as it’s spotty :0)

See you Sunday!

Dominique, Claire, Jo & Laura x

Stuck In The Middle With You

Morning bakers!

Everyone knows that elevating a simple baked good to culinary heaven simply requires the addition of a filling: fruit, jam, frosting, chocolate: anything goes! So this week we’d like you to do exactly that! Bake us your best filled baked good. Donut? Cake? Pie? It’s up to you, but don’t forget to photograph the middle so we can see the best bit!

We’re off to dream of custard filled donuts…
Happy baking,
Claire, Dominique and Jo xx