Best Bits! Wimbledon Week!

Hello all,

We’ve had such a busy week with our little club after our Telegraph article ( that we have got a little behind on our Best Bits – we haven’t forgotten about you! Welcome to all our new followers, and we look forward to you joining us in the weeks to come.

For the newbies, every week we do the best bits from the challenge before – we need you to admire the best bits, have a bit of a drool and then vote – we will then announce the winner on our blog.

So, have a look at the aces for this week, while we have a glass of Pimms…

White Chocolate Shortcake by @ClareEPLS


Meringue by @V__Gilmore


Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream Cupcakes by @andrea090212


Strawberries Pimms and Lemonade Mini Cheesecake by @CakesbyNoah


Green Tea, Mint and Rose Cupcakes by @Delushcomforts


Strawberries and Cream baked Cheesecake by @mypurplespatula


Strawberry Cupcakes by @Janespatisserie


Tennis Cake by @janetgbfan (Special bonus points from us!!)


Strawberries and Cream Vic Sponge with Tennis Ball Macarons by @foxtonm


AMAZING job everyone…. Now it’s your turn to choose the Golden Spoon Winner, who is it going to be?

Laura and Dominique xxx


Pride Bakes : Best bits!

Hello all,

After a pretty tough couple of weeks, we have been feeling rather sad, but seeing everyone coming together and supporting each other (our favourite part of SBC), and then looking at your beautiful bakes really lifted our spirits and made us proud (pun intended)!

Although everyone is a winner in eyes, please have a look at the best bits, and vote for your favourite!

@janeygbfan ‘s Rainbow cake (we loved your step by step during the day!)


@cakesbynoah ‘s Strawberry Sponge rainbow cakes (Gluten free as well… so they’re perfectly healthy…)


@zoetcm’s Naked Rainbow Cake (cheeky!)


@becksbakes Rainbow Topped Millionaire’s Shortbread (so cute!)


@camillaskitchen (we would have dissolved into a heap of tears trying to do this…)


@knightbakes93 Rainbows with little pots o’Gold! (*starts singing Judy Garland*)


@becsj76 Cornish Ice Cream favoured marshmallows (tries to bury face in screen…)


We’re sure you agree, we loved this week’s bakes – thank you to all those who got involved, and vote vote vote!

Laura and Dominique xxx

French Open Week : Best Bits

Hello all!

Merci to all those who took part in the French Open week. I hope you all agree that we had some marvelleux bakes (and we also loved all the Franglish going on!), and the tennis wasn’t bad either (although we would have liked to see Murray win!).

Again, it has been so difficult to choose the Best Bits for the vote, and we would choose all of yours if we could, but here are your 5 choices!

Croissants by @luciebaking

Lucie Baking

Blackberry and Jasmine tea Opera cake by @island_bake

Island Bake

Gateau Saint Honore by @mypurplespatula


Tarte au fraises by @scarletclark


Raspberry and Blueberry Eclairs by @foxtonm


The vote is yours! Who will be pattisiere of the week?!

Bonne chance!

Laura and Dominique xxx

Christmas 2015 : BEST BITS!


We’ve loved seeing your Christmas bakes over the last few weeks – we’ve had so many pictures of your fabulous bakes sent to us (around 100), that we’ve found choosing the best bits so difficult!!

We’ve managed to whittle it down to 10 bakes after a lot of deliberation, it’s time to choose YOUR winner!

  1. @Autourjoanne ‘s Cupcake Wreaths@autourjoanne
  2. @Pipnlittleblue ‘s Snowflake Cupcakes@pipnlittleblue.jpg
  3. @Mypurplespatula’s Amaretti Snowballs@mypurplespatula amaretti snowball
  4. @Geevuitton ‘s Snowman@geevuitton
  5. @OriginalPatsy ‘s Antigravity Cake@OriginalPatsy.jpg
  6. @Neily82 ‘s Christmas House@Neily82.jpg
  7. @Foxtonm ‘s Game Pie@foxtonm
  8. @Bakingfanatic1 ‘s Fruitcake@bakingfanatic.jpg
  9. @Plebdeb ‘s Snowflake Cake@plebdeb
  10. @Pinksandi ‘s Snow Scene@pinksandi.jpg

Happy Voting!

Dominique, Jo, Claire and Laura xxx

Apple Bakes : Your Best Bits!

Hello Bakers 🙂

Some fantastic bakes once again this week – we were overwhelmed by the bushels of apples coming our way! At SBC HQ we had an oven failure, resulting in a very unhappy cake and baker….

Fail cake

While we try to get over this, we have been looking at the best bakes, and salivating over the options! Here are our top 10 (we’re far too indecisive to make it smaller!).

@ClaireRooney8 : Apple & Carrot Spiced Cookies

ClaireRooney 8.jpg

@burb58 : Apple, Courgette and Caraway Cake


@cloud9point1 : Cider & Apple Spiced Fruitcake Bundt


@laurabowmarsden : Pork, Apple and Bacon Pies


@becksbake : Apple & Cinnamon Marzipan Couronne


@layingthetable : Apple Tarte Tatin


@scarletclark : Madelines with apple, cider, cinnamon and almonds


@foxtonm : Apple and Caramel cake


@island_bake : French Apple tart


@lloyd_chlo : Apple and Custard Tart

lloyd chlo

For those awaiting your American Bake best bits, it will be here shortly!

Happy voting!

Dom, Jo, Claire and Laura xx


Spotty Bakes – Best Bits

Evening bakers!

You went dotty for spots this week – here’s your top ten!

@callistobaker’s Spotty Vanilla Cupcakes

@Sammiefeasting’s daughter’s Mega Chocolate Spot Cake

@becksbake’s Pudsey Bunt

@foxtonm’s Chocolate Chip Bundt

@vixyvonshock’s White Chocolate and Strawberry Swiss Roll

@lloyd_chlo’s Chocolate and Vanilla Polka Dot Biscuits

 @burb58’s Dice Cake

@lottie_ridley’s hidden spot cake

@donnasuzanneo’s Spotty Gingerbread

@AITKitchen_blog’s spotty rainbow meringues

That’s it! Which one do you think deserves this week’s coveted golden spoon? Vote now!

Claire, Dominique, Laura and Jo xx

FIRE! Your best bits….

Phew, what a scorcher!!

You’ve really warmed the cockles of our chilly hearts this week with your fiery bakes – and it was not an easy decision to select the best bits!

Please have a look and vote, while we go and douse ourselves down…

Chocolate Chilli Roulade with Caramel Chilli Flames by @Jholland111


Chilli & Fennel Seed Sausage Rolls by @foxtonm


Pear, Parsnip and Fresh Ginger Cake by @mypurplespatula

Chocolate & Orange Marble Bonfire Cake by @andrea090212


Fig & Pecan Parkin by @StellaBranch (loving the pyrotechnics!)


Naughty vs Nice Cake by @scarletclark


Orange Baked Cheesecake Bonfire by @BecksBake


Star Anise, Cinnamon & Fresh Ginger Spiced Cake by @lloyd_chlo


Chocolate Bonfire Cake by @OriginalPatsy


Dominique, Jo, Claire and Laura xx