Join our Club.

Hello, you lovely little thing.

Welcome to the Sunday Baking Club. We think our name pretty much says it all, but we’ll tell you about us anyway, just in case you’re having a bit of a slow day. We are, funnily enough, a club. We bake. We drink wine. We share. We do it every Sunday, and we want YOU to join us.

The rules are simple. Each week we set a theme for everyone to follow on Sunday. When Sunday arrives, whip out your oven gloves and get baking. When you’ve finished your project, take a photograph, record a video, do a doodle, make an audio recording, or write a haiku. Then post it to our Facebook wall, tweet it to us, send us an email or comment on our blog. Share the baking love. Each week we’ll put the best bakes on our blog, and you can vote for your favourite baker to win our prestigious ‘Golden Spoon’ award.

Keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter (@SundayBakeClub) and our blog ( for themes, ideas, recipes and challenges. If you want to contact us about anything you see here, please email us on

We’re a community-spirited, cockle-warming project, spreading the love one bake at a time. We’re free, we’re open to everyone, and we’re all about making people smile. It’s what we do best. Give it a go.

Welcome, and Happy Baking.

Jo, Dom & Claire xx

P.S. We respectfully ask that all bakers joining us in our bake-alongs be nice to other. If you can’t say anything nice, we respectfully request that you keep your cakehole closed for the duration. If you cannot do this, we will banish you and tell everyone that your cake tastes of bumholes.

12 thoughts on “Join our Club.

  1. Alphabetchick says:

    I have just laughed out loud at the word ‘bumholes’ – gets me every time! Now I’ve composed myself, I think I’m in! Love it!


  2. Jennifer says:

    This is lovely idea! My friends and I were thinking of doing the same thing to replace our book club. Although…it’s going to be bad for our waistlines. At least books are not fattening…


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