Game, Set and Match! Golden Spoon Doubles Champions!

Hello bakers!

We have doubles champions for Wimbledon Week!

Winning the vote and the Golden Spoon this week was the brilliant @foxtonm with her amazing Wimbledon themed Victoria Sponge.

We also decided to give special mention to @janetgbfan for her spectacular and brave Tennis Cake. *applause*.

Both ladies have given us their recipes, so revel in having another British Champion with these fab bakes – we would also love to see any attempts at recreating these… send them to us on @SundayBakeClub ūüôā

Without any further rain delay, have a look below :

Golden Spoon Winner – @foxtonm’s Wimbledon Victoria Sponge :


Well, I feel a bit of a fraud winning Wimbledon Week, as my cake was a simple (but delicious) Victoria Sponge filled with home made raspberry jam, whipped cream and the  sweetest strawberries I could find. So far so good with the Wimbledon theme. However, to turn this from traditional into kitsch, I used my trusty grass piping tip and garishly green buttercream to transform the top of the cake into Centre Court. I then added yellow macarons, filled with buttercream & lemon curd, each piped with a couple of curved lines of white chocolate to resemble tennis balls.

 If you want to try my go to recipe for French macarons, do look at this this step by step guide by the very talented @bakingfanatic1
I’ve been lucky to have had consistent results using this method. However, if you’d prefer to give Italian macarons a go, here’s a link to @becksbake guide. In this method, you whisk hot sugar syrup into egg whites to produce a more stable meringue. Becky turns out magnificent macarons on a regular basis (just take a look at her Twitter pics) so this is a tried and tested recipe.
Thanks to everyone who voted – and good luck with mastering macarons!
Golden Spoon Runner Up and Special Mention – @janetgbfan’s Tennis Cake
Well I thoroughly enjoyed and  loved making this cake and have my sights set on making a different sporting event for the Rio Olympics.To all who would love to try this recipe. Advice : Breathe keep calm and give your icing plenty of time to set.
Love to all of the¬†Sunday¬†Baking Club Family and to the time you girls put into this thank you and ¬†whom without this we wouldn’t have made and met some lovely chums.Thank you again for including me in best bits. Muchas Gracias.¬†[Thanks Janet! It’s you guys and gals that make it all worthwhile! L&D xxx]
350g glacé cherries (Washed and dried) cut into quarters,1x 225 g tin of pineapple natural juice (drained and chopped)
350 g of dried apricots
350g sultana’s
Grated zest of 2 lemons
250g unsalted butter
250g Golden caster sugar
5 free range eggs (large) lightly beaten
250g self raising flour
75g almonds.
For the almond paste.
250g ground almonds
150g caster sugar
150g Confectioners sugar (sifted) and extra  for rolling
1free range egg
1 tsp almond essence.
Royal icing.
3egg white
675g Confectioners sugar (sifted)
Pink yellow and green food colour gel.
For the fondant
1kg of white fondant (green food gel colour)
A deep 23x15cm/9×6 rectangular tin double lined base and sides and well greased.
A preheated oven to 160C/140C fan/Gas3
Wash and drain cherries dry them and pineapple on kitchen paper
Place all fruits,nuts and zest in bowl and mix together
Use a separate bowl and cream butter and sugar together till fluffy and white.
Beat in 1 egg at a time and small amount of flour to prevent mixture from curdling
Fold in the rest of flour and almonds.
Add the fruit in a mix lightly.once all mixed together pour into tin.
Level the top,
Bake for 2 hours or till golden brown
And test with a skewer into the centre
After an hour cover top of cake with foil.
Leave to cool for 15/20 minutes in the tin.
Then put onto a cooling tray to completely cool.
Almond paste.
Mix almonds with the sugars
Stir in egg and essence
Knead it in the bowl until it comes together
Wrap in cling film put to one side.
Royal icing.
Whisk egg whites in a clean dry bowl
Until frothy,
Mix in the sifted icing sugar a little at a time
Until all mixed and very stiff and white and its stands up in peaks.
Once mixed cover the surface of icing with cling film mustn’t go wrinkly.
Almond paste.
Roll out on surface dusted in icing sugar to
Be slightly larger than cake.
Cut out a 23x15cm/9×6 rectangle place on a silicon sheet dusted with icing sugar easier from silicon sheet to slip onto the cooled cake.(if not use baking parchment).
Colour your white fondant to your desired shade of green(or buy ready coloured)
Use same method as almond paste.
Carefully place the fondant onto the almond paste.
Royal icing.
Divide the Royal icing into 3 bowls
Colour one bowl pink
And one a light gold or yellow(in my case)
Leave third bowl white.
White Royal icing to make the net and bats.
Put most of the White Royal icing into a piping bag fitted with a number 3 writing  nozzle
Pipe the outline of a tennis court on top of the green fondant leave 2cm 3/4 inch gap around the edge.leave to set.
On sheet of greaseproof paper pipe the outline of 2 tennis rackets 5cm to 2 1/2 inches long
And the tennis net  12x3cm/4 1/2 X1 1/4 in (should be same width as court)
Spoon remaining icing into piping bag fitted with a no 2 nozzle and pipe the strings of the racket within the tennis racket outline and the strings of the net within the outline of the net.leave to dry until you can peel them of the paper.(in my case mine stayed on paper) not dried out in time.
Spoon Pink icing into piping bag with a number 8 star nozzle and the gold/yellow into piping bag with a number 7 star nozzle.
Pipe a double border round outside edge of the fondant.
Assembling together
With your cake ¬†completely cooled and trimmed of any rough edges carefully lift your dried decorative iced layer of almond paste and fondant onto the cake (you can brush some warmed apricot jam) onto cake before putting your decorative layer on if want.(I didn’t)
Pipe a line of white icing across the middle of the court peel the paper of the net and assemble onto the line of icing.So it is upright on the cake,lay the dried tennis rackets either end of the court and roll a small piece of fondant into a ball.
Optional make two tennis players out of fondant (hubby did). I can’t do modelling still practicing.
I’m sure you will agree, these are both fantastic recipes, and two very worthy winners! We look forward to your Girl Power Bakes this weekend!
Laura and Dominique xxx

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