Pride Bakes : Best bits!

Hello all,

After a pretty tough couple of weeks, we have been feeling rather sad, but seeing everyone coming together and supporting each other (our favourite part of SBC), and then looking at your beautiful bakes really lifted our spirits and made us proud (pun intended)!

Although everyone is a winner in eyes, please have a look at the best bits, and vote for your favourite!

@janeygbfan ‘s Rainbow cake (we loved your step by step during the day!)


@cakesbynoah ‘s Strawberry Sponge rainbow cakes (Gluten free as well… so they’re perfectly healthy…)


@zoetcm’s Naked Rainbow Cake (cheeky!)


@becksbakes Rainbow Topped Millionaire’s Shortbread (so cute!)


@camillaskitchen (we would have dissolved into a heap of tears trying to do this…)


@knightbakes93 Rainbows with little pots o’Gold! (*starts singing Judy Garland*)


@becsj76 Cornish Ice Cream favoured marshmallows (tries to bury face in screen…)


We’re sure you agree, we loved this week’s bakes – thank you to all those who got involved, and vote vote vote!

Laura and Dominique xxx

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