Christmas 2015 : BEST BITS!


We’ve loved seeing your Christmas bakes over the last few weeks – we’ve had so many pictures of your fabulous bakes sent to us (around 100), that we’ve found choosing the best bits so difficult!!

We’ve managed to whittle it down to 10 bakes after a lot of deliberation, it’s time to choose YOUR winner!

  1. @Autourjoanne ‘s Cupcake Wreaths@autourjoanne
  2. @Pipnlittleblue ‘s Snowflake Cupcakes@pipnlittleblue.jpg
  3. @Mypurplespatula’s Amaretti Snowballs@mypurplespatula amaretti snowball
  4. @Geevuitton ‘s Snowman@geevuitton
  5. @OriginalPatsy ‘s Antigravity Cake@OriginalPatsy.jpg
  6. @Neily82 ‘s Christmas House@Neily82.jpg
  7. @Foxtonm ‘s Game Pie@foxtonm
  8. @Bakingfanatic1 ‘s Fruitcake@bakingfanatic.jpg
  9. @Plebdeb ‘s Snowflake Cake@plebdeb
  10. @Pinksandi ‘s Snow Scene@pinksandi.jpg

Happy Voting!

Dominique, Jo, Claire and Laura xxx

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